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Virtual Tour Of The Barong Temple

30 Dec 2015

Barong Temple is a heritage of Hinduism located in Candisari hamlet, Bokoharjo Village, Prambanan subdistrict. The temple is called Barong because there is an ornament of kala head inside its chamber which looks like a Barong. Barong temple, also known as Sari Suragedug temple, is mentioned in Ratu Baka inscription (856 AD) in Sanskrit language and written in ancient Javanese letter. The inscription describes that a king, named Sri Kumbaja or Sri Kalasodbhava built three lingas, Krttiwasalingga with Dewi Sri as his mate, Triyarbakalingga with Dewi Suralaksmi as his mate, and Haralingga with Dewi Mahalaksmi as his mate. (Source)


Ilustration Of Virtual Tour Of The Barong Temple

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Visit The Barong Temple Via Google Maps.

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